COVID-19 Disease is generally seen as a respiratory disease caused by a particular coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) that is both virulent and communicable. It also can affect other organ systems during the actual disease course, and although most people recover with little to no formal medical treatment, some patients can have a very difficult time recovering from the acute phase. It is rare that a person dies from this disease, but certainly many Americans have died from COVID-19, or the treatment needed during the acute phase of the case. The vast majority of people appear to fully recover with no notable long-term residual problems.

Dr. Lowry has treated several hundred acute COVID-19 cases. All of Dr. Lowry’s COVID patients have survived the Acute disease.  There are several agents in the toolbox of medications, oxygen, nutritional supplements, and even alternative-care treatment modalities such as infrared light, which we often use to treat any particular individual patient with Active COVID-19 disease.

Though most people will recover from COVID-19 without notable lasting symptoms, there is a percentage of people who simply do not fully recover on their own. This failure to fully recover is fairly common, and often requires treatment. It is often referred to as “Long-Haul COVID.

In late 2021 Several Vaccines were approved for EMERGENCY USE in the United States. These have had a questionable run thus far, and many people have reported various “ADVERSE EFFECTS” from these vaccines.  Dr. Lowry DOES NOT RECOMMEND these injections, and in fact, has recommended against them in almost every situation.  Dr. Lowry has treated many patients who appear to have suffered significant Post-vaccine injuries.  There are several potential treatment options for these vaccine injuries, and Dr. Lowry utilizes many of these and has several fellow doctors within his circles to help in the development of a personalized treatment for each such patient. To learn More – Click HERE.